Buildings: Bhaktapur District Court

Posted on November 3, 2020 by Shiva

Project Detail:

Name of Project

New Construction of Project at Bhaktapur District Court, Chyamasing, Bhaktapur

Benificiary Name

Bhaktapur District Court

Contract No


Date of Agreement

02nd October, 2020

Date of Completion

01st October, 2022

Contract Amount

NRS 1,20,19,76,186.40 (Excluding VAT)

Some Progress Pictures:

  court 33.jpg
court 32.jpg court 31.jpg
court 30.jpg court 29.jpg
court 21.jpg court 20.jpg
court 19.jpg court 18.jpg
court 17.jpg court 16.jpg
court 15.jpg court 14.jpg
court 13.jpg court 12.jpg
court 11.jpg court 7.jpg
court 1.jpg court 2.jpg
court 3.jpg court 4.jpg
court 5.jpg court 6.jpg

Project Manager

Tulasi Prasad Bhattarai

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