Buildings: New Supreme Court Building

Posted on May 20, 2021 by Shiva

Project Detail:

Name of Project

New Construction Project of Supreme Court Building Complex at Ramshahath, Kathmandu

Name of Client

Supreme Court of Neal

Contract No


Date of Agreement

1st April, 2021

Contact Period

36 Months

Contract Amount

NRs 5,87,05,91,847.79 (With VAT & PS)

Some Progress Pictures:

supreme 18.jpg supreme 17.jpg
  supreme 15.jpg
supreme 14.JPG supreme 13.JPG
supreme 12.JPG supreme 11.JPG
supreme 10.jpg supreme 9.JPG
supreme 8.jpg supreme 7.JPG
supreme 6.JPG supreme 5.JPG
supreme 4.JPG supreme 3.JPG
supreme_agr 7.jpg supreme_agr 6.jpg
supreme_agr 5.jpg supreme_agr 1.jpg
supreme_agr 2.jpg supreme_agr 3.jpg
supreme 2.jpg supreme 1.jpg

Project Manager:

Name: Rakesh Sadha, Mobile No.: 9851132030, E-mail:

Name: Rojan Hemikha, Mobile No.: 9851152419, E-mail:

Project Manager

Rakesh Sadha / Rojan Hemikha
Call: &

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