Buildings: Kathmandu Metropolitan City Building

Posted on November 19, 2021 by Jharana

Project Detail:


Name of Project

Construction of Teku Building at Teku, KMC-12

Benificiary Name

Kathmandu Metropolitan City

Contract No


Date of Agreement

26th July, 2021

Contract Period

24 Months 

Contract Amount

NRS 68,98,19,355.14(Excluding VAT)

Project Status


Some Progress Pictures:

Tekuimg10.jpg Tekuimg9.jpg
Tekuimg7.jpg Tekuimg8.jpg
Tekuimg4.jpg Tekuimg6 (2).jpg
Tekuimg3.jpg Tekuimg5.jpg
Tekuimg1.jpg Tekuimg2.jpg
Picture1.jpg Picture2.jpg

Project Manager

Tulasi Prasad Bhattarai

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